Bridge Readers

Bridge Readers™ – bridging the gap between learning to read and reading to learn

Bridge Readers are abridged adaptations of the original stories, Moon Chase and Moon Crossing that are easier to read and are ideal for developing readers, SEN and those learning English as a second language (ESL).

Cathy has been careful to keep sentences and chapters nice and short, with no idiom or complex language and, printed in a larger font on matt cream paper, these editions are ideal for dyslexic readers.

They are also great for children just moving up to longer novels.

Ideal for Years 4 – 8 (reading level 3).

‘I loved the inclusivity of genders in the story (both female and male role models play equal parts in this tale), and there is lots of opportunity for discussions around morality and difficult choices in the face of adversity (personal interests versus loyalty to others), which would make it great for SEAL or PSE sessions. It is a great introduction to the fantasy genre, and includes an appendix for more challenging words. I would highly recommend this to schools to help bridge the gap in reading material for the developing reader.

Laura Davies, Project Development Coordinator for Fair Foundations, Chwarae Teg Online review 2014 The English Association website (University of Leicester)’

…and for TEACHERS

There’s also a Teacher’s Workbook with a free audio CD, packed full of activities and ideas to support those who still find reading a bit of a struggle.

‘Kit is in Year 8 and he is a reluctant reader. At the beginning of the year I had to bribe him to even take a book from the library. He was pretty reluctant to start reading ‘Moon Chase’ too but he was soon well engaged and by the middle he was begging to read this book rather than doing other intervention work. The LSA has enjoyed it so much that she has already enlisted more reluctant readers so that she can read it again. The teacher’s pack has been a really useful tool in developing recall skills, checking comprehension and developing vocabulary.


Miss R Brumby, SENCO & Head of Learning Support, Wokingham

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