Fellhound Tales

Moon Chase front cover

‘Moon Chase is a great young adult novel, well written in an engaging manner with a strong voice and noteworthy story, recommended.

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Moon Chase

Moon Chase by Cathy Farr (ORIGINAL, 2nd EDITION – Young Adult)

The Elder who had spoken before raised his right hand and opened his mouth to give the order – everyone else held their breath.

Unable to think of anything else to do, Wil shouted.


To his surprise everyone turned towards him. Trying his best to look confident, Wil pushed his way towards the Elders. Allowing him just enough room to squeeze past, everyone closed in and leant on each other’s shoulders to get a better view as the drama took a new twist.

‘I know this hound,’ Wil announced loudly. Then turning to the Elders, he lowered his voice and said, ‘Well, actually, your Worships, I don’t know her in the true sense – I, er, I think I dreamt about her this morning.’

Immediately gory images from the dream flooded back into his mind – the vision of an unconscious boy bleeding into the grass somewhere out on the Fells was the most vivid by far.

‘I’m pretty sure that her master is badly wounded. He’s on Thesker Fell. I think she’s come because she can’t help him on her own… um… her name’s Farrow, by the way.’ 

Suitable for ages 8-80, Moon Chase, written by Cathy Farr, is the first of The Fellhounds of Thesk stories. There is no bad language or sexual content – it’s just a jolly good read!

Moon Crossing

Moon Crossing by Cathy Farr (ORIGINAL 2012 EDITION – Young Adult)

Moon Crossing is the second in the Fellhounds of Thesk stories.

The wave of rage that hit Wil’s mind was like nothing he had ever experienced before – even his collision with the eagard was like the gentle breath of a summer breeze by comparison.  Burning anger seared through his limbs; his eyes were blind and his brain screamed.  Pain burned into every pore of his body like it would never stop.  Somewhere, in the red-hot mist, he could hear barking.  He tried to focus on it, to will it nearer.  But in a flash it vanished.  The hissing mist consumed him completely…

Moon Crossing Front cover

‘A tremendously satisfying follow-up to Moon Chase…with energy and positivity embedded in every page, engaging characters, and those gorgeous fellhounds. What more could you want? Recommended for tweens, teens, and all ages after that’